Why I'm Grateful to be Her Little Sister...

This here is my related-by-genes-and-blood-and-barbeque sister-kin, Alycia. Pa calls her Leesha. She came 'round to these here parts O' Texas last week.

okay.... sometimes that Texas twang just gets the best of me. 

Let me tell you why I'm grateful to be HER little sister...

When you're a little sister, you get really good at figuring out your siblings' strengths because, well, you look up to those strengths and admire them. One of Alycia's strenghts? She knows how to find a great bargain. The boots she's wearing in this picture she found and bought a few hours before this picture was taken, at an Antique store in my mom and dad's town. She's always been good at finding fun things and committing to them. I've always loved the furniture she buys, how she decorates her house, creative projects she works on, the super cute scarves she has to wear because she lives in Amsterdam and it gets FRIGID. Her life is colorful and lifegiving. Literally. She's a risk taker when it comes to fashion and decor and I really love that about her. 

She's always been such a spunky sister. We always get good giggles out of successful jumping pictures....

....and not so successful jumping pictures. (hope she doesn't shun me for putting this one on here).

I think there's something sweet about my love for telling other people about how awesome I think she is. I think that's how sisters should be. I'm one of those little sisters who owes a lot to her older sister for watching out for me and making sure I didn't sneak behind the bushes at my friend Meredith's birthday party and kiss that skater boy I had a crush on in seventh grade...because who needs to be kissing boys in seventh grade? Because we both have empathy and cry pretty darn openly about our pain and cry pretty darn openly when we laugh. She's been real with me about life, always being straightforward and practical in her advise. I'm pretty sure everyone needs an Alycia. 


She laughs and my family laughs. It's a good feeling. (She also made fun of me in this picture because apparently looking down and laughing is how I blog pose. So be it)

She knows how to take a cute picture even when my dad photobombs. 

And the picture below is really one of my favorites. Because that's her listening face. Her "what you have to say is valid" face. I know because she's looked at me a lot like that in the past. See? Grateful for her is just the beginning. 

One day I really would LOVE to have daughters. And I hope they can cherish their sisterhood and goofy jumping pictures, just as much as I do. 

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