Bang Bang Pie

THREE words: Chocolate Stout Pie. 

SIX more words: Beer done right by that pie.

Bang Bang? Well, it's pretty bang'n. Vibe'n aesthetics, yummy coffee, lots of doors, awesome outdoors, foodie heaven, and red chairs. 

Here's how good it was, Y'all: I don't do biscuits. They never taste like what I want them to taste like. And they never taste as visually pleasing as they look. And a lot of the time they are dry and flake all over the place. 

But biscuits were my JAM at Bang Bang. Those biscuits were lathered in some secret cheesy sauce and joined by sweet jam and stellar sausage. And to top it all off, we ate chocolate stout pie right afterwards. It was so good it almost made me want to believe alcohol was made for that glorious morning meal we call breakfast. 

It was so fun and SO vibe'n there, we did what we always do... a photoshoot. 

If you are in Chicago and you need to eat food that gives you glimpse of the heavenly realms, go to BANG BANG PIE. Then you can say you "died and went to heaven." Thank. Me. Later. 

Instagram: @bangbangpie


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