A July 4th Wedding

My dad called this wedding "Interdependence Day" and I thought that was clever and hilarious. He's our family pun master.  

Y'all, Julia and Robert's wedding was such a dream. Out in the middle of ranch land, Texas, we watched them say their vows and take communion as the sun set behind them.  I've known Julia since her friendship with my brother began years and years ago, and, with an "I don't have a job" summer ahead of me after graduation, she allowed me to shadow her self-made Interior Design Business, a shadow that has forever inspired and impacted my own business. The very reason I was inspired to start sewing on paper is because Julia sews her business cards to pretty material to spice them up with a bit of uniqueness, something I thought was perfect for her profession. So naturally I started sewing on paper a few months later because I just couldn't get her business cards out of my mind. She's a beautiful artist and cup overflowing with positivity, joy, and hope. I'm pumped we were given the opportunity to attend her sweet wedding. 

We might have run around taking fun pictures too while we were there. In honor of National Kissing day today, I posted some pucker-up-pics!


Half way through the ceremony this big guy (my Dad called him the "BWD" for "Big White Dog") made his way over to our seats so he could enjoy a good pet. When my Dad tried to shoo him away, for the sake of the wedding and the nice black pants he was wearing, this big guy put his giant paw on my Dad's leg as if he was saying "NO, pet me NOW." It's just not every day you get interrupted by a dog during a wedding, ya know? BWD made his way around to all of us during the ceremony, but never before have I had to stifle my laughter so much as that moment. 

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