Flash Back Fridays: Stacie the Player

Priceless [as in, please laugh at these] inserts from the journals of 14 year old Stacie Homeyer: 

(All names have been changed to avoid embarrassment from all parties involved because we were all so ridiculous back then)

December 22, 2003

"...I was talking to Drew on IM, and he asked me if I liked Mark. I told him the most truthful answer I could give: yes. But I can't like him strongly because a friend of mine does like him...and I need to be loyal to her by not going farther than a friendly relationship with Mark. I think she should have that relationship. I mean hey... WWJD?"

New Years Day 2004

"Sally and I went and saw Peter Pan. Then we came back home and watched 2 Towers. Went to bed at 3:00AM. At 12:00AM we went outside and ran around the mailbox twice and said- not yelled- Happy New Year. It was fun. "

"Talked to Mark tonight...he said he liked me. Talked to Logan tonight. He said he missed not being able to kiss me on 12:00AM... we kidded around about that. Hopefully."

January 25, 2004

"Mark and I are just friends now- I know it would never work out between me and him. So I decided he can be my 'non-flirty friend'." 


July 4, 2014

Brett officially made fun of me after I read some of these old journal entries out loud to him. He's my only flirty friend these days. Well, the only one I flirt back to. We've also decided to start adding "I mean, WWJD?" into our daily sarcasm and cheesiness. 

Hope you all have a wonderful flirty Fourth of July!



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