Flash Back Fridays: True Romance

From 14 Year old Stacie Homeyer's journal:

"It's like I"m sitting here- for once not really getting involved with anyone elses business or share'n my problems with others- but it's like I'm watching this movie. I see popele before and after they do stuff to people. I see how willingly and freely girls put their love into a guys hands because he has charm and seems so romantic, then watch him use her then throw her away. Then watch anger and hatred enter their lives because of their mistake of giving that part of themslves to a guy. I care for them. I hate to see their hatred towards each other, or lust over a fake romance when I've seen the Truest of all romances. My question is "how do I show them the truth?" Only through God can I reach my friends, not in a criticizing way- but in a loving, compassionate, and tender way."

I wrote this at the beginning of a somewhat "self-righteouss" stage of life. But I don't think my heart ever stopped longing for the kids in my class to understand the deep and True love of Jesus like I did. I had found Someone who wouldn't use me and would remain loyal to me no matter how many times I would find myself unfaithful or unloyal to Him. I had been pursued by Someone who loved me so fiercely and ferociously- who wanted me to become the Best Stacie I could be with His loving help, wisdom, and guidance. 

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