Will Roadtrip for Coffee.

Brett and I have never held up cardboard signs on a street corner with "Will Roadtrip for Coffee" scribbled on them, but we're pretty sure those words are part of our Roadtripping purpose and divine-driving calling on this earth. 

Roadtripping for us is about eating good food, culture-watching, and coffee. I know some people hate taking trips together because they both want to do different things. I know some people get worn out by vacation instead of energized by it because they end up doing way too much. I know some people just want sand in their toes with a whole week dedicated to the beach. But Brett and I have really found our rhythm in keeping to those three life-giving things we know we both love... food, culture, and coffee. We're all about famous places, art museums, and city splendor, but big cities wear us out quickly, so when we start fading, we seek rest in coffee shops, they're like our big comfy blanket away from home. 

The two week roadtrip we recently went on, took us from Denton, Texas to Branson, Missouri, to Springfield, Missouri, to Chicago, Illinois, to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Cincinnati, Ohio, to Memphis, Tennessee. We went to at least fifteen coffee shops on that trip (if not more... I started losing count after awhile), with eight of those coffee shop visits just in Chicago. It was our very own coffee lovers paradise.

Why so many different shops? We look forward to every shop for a few reasons: 

  • We love trying their signature drink--- the drink they believe tastes better and different from other coffee shop's in the area.
  • We LOVE checking out their vibe-- is their decor simple or complex? what's their color? are their barista's people who actually want to talk about life? what kind of people show up to that specific shop? Do they have a Back to the Future Delorean sitting in their shop's balcony? 
  • We love trying their food. We've all tried disgusting food at coffee shops before... sometimes they need to just stick to coffee and drop the food. But we are always impressed when we find a coffee shop with food to boast about. Our trip pleasantly surprised us. 

I'll probably dedicate lots of posts to coffee shops, but I'll highlight Intelligentsia at Logan Square this time, mainly because their coffee is so well known and their store (in my opinion) had some stellar modern design.

Their wall paper? A map of Chicago.

Their floor- the classy kind of gray and white colors with ornate design.

Their baristas? So friendly, caring, and kind. 

Their food? It's a health-nuts bakery with only a handful of choices. But they are good and filling choices, and that's what matters. 

Their natural light? Perfect for taking pictures. :)