Vacation does something funny to us doesn't it? What exactly, I'm not sure, but I think it's a lot like a strange sweet smell you can't quite wrap your head around. What exactly it is? Or, where exactly it's coming from?

It's real but it's not. It's relaxing but not always. It's new places, faces, and things to try... but you're so relieved when you get home to same ole same ole. It's remembering how to laugh and slow down. It's remembering not to get frustrated with your spouse because then you'll both just get stressed out and frustrated (and who wants to be frustrated on vacation?). It's remembering who you are and ample enough time to ask yourself whether you are thriving in the season of life you find yourself in.  

Roadtripping from Texas to Branson to Springfield to Chicago to Ann Arbor to Cincinnati to Nashville has felt like a two month trip, but we're only in week 2. We've rested out by pool sides and sat on busy marijuana smelling subways. We've visited potential grad schools for Brett, and, as we've walked each city's streets, we've wondered what it would be like to pick up and move there. It's a funny feeling when you wonder where you'll be in a year, but you just can't know yet. 

Whatever comes, we're on this roadtrip, enjoying learning new cities, and drinking way too much coffee. We're loving it. 

From this coffee shop to yours,