100 Posts!

Today I'm celebrating my 100th Stine Way post!


100 posts on life, marriage, confessions, beliefs and lots of awkward pictures. In honor of 100 sounding like an important number, I thought I'd post 100 facts about us, the Stines, and our ways, as well as an awkward-ugly-photo-face-off my hubs and I had the other day on our walk to the post office.

1.We are at Starbucks right now.

2. I'm drinking a vanilla latte.

3.I have 24 stars to go till Gold Level. That's a lot of stars. And a lot of coffee.

4.I don't think I will ever make it to Gold Level. I'm sweating caffeine just thinking about it.

5. Did you know the Stine Way is actually a play on words? A Steinway is a piano brand. Before we got married, I would refer to Brett as my Steinway every now and then just cause I thought that was clever. But let's be honest, The Stine Way is one hundred posts closer to not owning an actual Steinway. This blog would be so much cooler if we actually had a Steinway, but I think both Brett and I's hearts belong to guitars and I think our budget belongs.... to not purchasing an expensive piano for the sake of a cooler blog.

6. I think Starbucks needs to drop the new La Boulange pastries they just picked up and take on whatever bakery makes Barnes and Noble's pastries... cause those are La Awesomer.

7. I read an article this morning written by a European lady who was baffled by college students in America who wear Chacos all the time.... because they are so ugly.

8. I own and love a pair of beautiful Chacos... Europe lady and I probably wouldn't get along.

9. My Pandora is usually set to Piano Soundtracks, Edith Piaf, or Miley Cyrus.

10. "100 Facts takes a lot longer to write out than I thought", she wrote.

11. The hardest conversation I ever had with Brett, was when I confessed to him that I thought he needed to wash his hair more.

12. He laughed when I told him and took it like a champ.

13. He also washes his hair more often these days. PTL.

14. I've traveled to Brazil, Nepal, The Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, and California (it's its own country believe me).

15. Every time I meet a "Stacie" I ask her what her middle name is and 99.9% of the time, her middle name is "Lynne" too, just spelled differently.

16. My sister lives in Amsterdam.

17. My brother and sister-in-law live in Brooklyn.

18. Brett lives with me, in Denton. Go figure.

19. Brett wears his wedding band on his right hand cause it doesn't fit on his left.

20. Brett's extended family gathers for Thanksgiving every year. Which really means, Brett's extended family makes lots of authentic southern comfort food I get to eat too much of every year.

21. Brett's been to 11 countries. My boo he so culturrrred.

22. He also knows two ancient languages. That's two more than I know.

23. Brett is the ancient literature scholar equivalent to Einstein.

24. He listens to The Piano Film Score Pandora station too...which makes me think we should get a Steinway.

25. Brett was in a band called A September Renaissance when he was in high school. I tried to listen to their album once.

26. Brett also wears Chacos. Like a boss.

27. Brett's Chaco's smell horrific though.

28. Brett enjoys playing ultimate frisbee.

29. I enjoy throwing the frisbee... for funnzies... with zero ultimate competitive components.

30. Brett has a goal to ride every major metro system in the world.

31. I have a goal to get coffee with Jimmy Fallon one day.

32. Brett lost a cap to his tooth once.

33. He never replaced that cap, but he's one of the most responsive people I know.

34. One of my professors once explained to my class the importance of remembering because all too often we forget the beautiful things about this life. One of the last things she ever wrote to me before I graduated communicated love so strongly to me, "I will remember you."

35. Brett's two favorite alcoholic beverages are Young's Double Chocolate Stout (it's like a chocolate milkshake for beer lovers) and Sam Smith's Oatmeal Stout.

36. When I pray I experience an unexplainable hope and peace.

37. I asked for Caso in California one time and the server brought out a plate with a small pile of melted cheese on it. That's the day I realized what TexMex really was and what California Caso wasn't.

38. Next to Chacos, I believe Birkenstocks are the shoes of tomorrow.

39. Elizabethtown is my favorite movie.

40. I don't think Orlando Bloom was really all that great in Elizabethtown, but Kirsten Dunst was stellar.

41. I saw Kirsten Dunst once at Santa Monica Beach, but didn't realize it was her until my chance to say "Hi" had passed. DANGIT.

42. About Time is one of the best romantic movies I've seen in awhile.

43. Did you know there's an old school movie called "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" with Danny Kay?

44. Me neither.

45. I wonder what weddings would do without Pinterest these days?

46. Books I think everyone should read in their lifetime are: I Married Adventure by Luci Swindoll and  the entirety  of The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

47. One of my biggest fears is getting walked in on by accident in a public restroom.

48. I think it's funny when my students think they are asking too personal of a question, because my socially intentional self CRAVES VULNERABILITY WITH THE HUMAN SPECIES!!

49. When I look at you, I visually see your name in 3D written across your body... because I'm a visual learner.

50. Words can be life and death for me. Mainly life.

51. I used to go on ski trips with my church in high school every winter. I hated skiing so I just went for the Colorado coffee shops and snow ball fights.

52. I met Tony Hawk on one of those ski trips.

53. I have a really great Ryan Gosling story. Ask me about it.

54. Modern Family is where it's at.

55. So is Downton Abbey.

56. And Sherlock.

57. I used to watch The Bachelor in my Hall Director's apartment every Monday night two years ago... he made a bracket for it, just like basketball. I don't think anybody's bracket got very far BECAUSE REALITY TV RUINS ALL MY HOPES AND DREAMS.

58. Ironically, I think it would be fun to be on a reality show... probably Fear Factor. Oh wait, that's not on anymore? Phew....

59. Brett loves making stuffed french toast with cream cheese sauce and fruit.

60. I love eating his stuffed french toast with cream cheese sauce and fruit.

61. I keep UNO cards in my purse just in case I need to have emergency fun.

62. I played Captain Hook in Peter Pan once...

63. They made me chop off my hand to wear my Captain's hook.

64. I liked how the hook looked, so I just left it there.

65. Writing a blog has been such a beautiful challenge.... while wearing a hook.

66. I will probably die from eating too much movie theatre popcorn or too much cheese.

67. I don't really have a hook. I have two hands.

68. The first time I ever had a pedicure for prom I kicked the pedicure lady in the face on accident because whatever she was doing tickled A LOT.

69. I know how to operate theme park attractions (aka roller coasters).

70. That really just means I know how to press a green light and give a thumbs up.

71. Our friends Matt and Kelsey came over to watch The Sound of Music Live with Carrie Underwood and we decided her name should be changed to "Carrie NUNderwood."

72. I believe it is wise and good to reflect on life in order to make change, grow, and move forward.

73. JK Rowling's Harvard commencement speech changed my life AND made me cry AND inspired me to fail well in life. TED TALK IT NOW.

74. Yesterday I was hanging out with one of my bosses, Eugene, and he said something I really liked. It went something like, "When you lose, make sure you don't lose the lesson." As in, you WILL fail, but positive learning and growth is produced from failure.

75. I really enjoy interior decorating and fashion and sometimes wish I would have pursued those things.

76. I sometimes still think about pursuing interior decorating and fashion. Who needs one calling? I'll take a million different callings.

77. When I started dating Brett he really taught me how to love-not-judge people just by how he lived his life.

78. My sophomore year of college my brother flew out to California and took a two day road trip with me up the Pacific Coastal Highway. That's one of my favorite memories with him.

79. I am grateful my husband shows emotion in front of me. I love that his tears usually fall when he hurts for me or is talking about how much he loves me.

80. Shoooo

81. Whapppp

82. Bahhh

83. Doooooo

84. Beeeee

85. Doooooo

86. I am grateful for the sheer amount of adventures I've been given the opportunity to go on in my lifetime.

87. I usually start my mornings off journaling and reading because it gives me time to decide who I want to be that day.

88. Sometimes I wonder if I would have the same personality, character, and interests if I were born 300 years ago. Have you ever thought that?

89. My parents fell in love in Mexico at a point in in their lives when they least expected it.

90. I am taking a Biblical Counseling Course in the fall with my mom. I'M SO EXCITED!

91. My goal is to open an etsy shop or something like it in the sooners rather than the laters.

92. I secretly hated overnight church lock-ins or sleepovers because I really just love a good nights sleep.

93. I am sometimes still scared when I flush the toilet that toilet will somehow, in a Space Jam sort of way, suck me down into the pipes.

94. One of my favorite memories was watching my Grandma get married after my Grandpa died to a nice 80 year old guy named Al.

95. My friend Julia taught me my sewing machine is my friend, not my enemy, no matter how angry it makes me sometimes.

96. My current boss ate a meteorite once.

97. I like hanging out with people who eat meteorites.

98. No game makes me LOL better than Quelf.

99. I keep singing "yourrrrr crazy and I'm out of my mind" to Brett. That's what happens when they start playing John Legend on the radio.

100. Thank you, for being a part of the 100 posts and beautiful moments in my life. Thank you for loving and encouraging me by reading what I write about our lives. We are the Stines, and these are our ways.

Here's our face off:


Clearly I won the variety competition. I guess Brett could win the Zoolander competition.