Be and be.

If you live in a dorm, you should leave it every now and then. For the sake of your sanity. And for the sake of your husband's sanity. Even if it's just a small little getaway to simply be.

So Brett and I left for one glorious night and enjoyed a QUIET night ("For the first time in foreverrrrr") in a big yellow victorian Bed and Breakfast in Fort Worth:

The Hattie May Inn. Sweet host. Complimentary coke, popcorn, and DVD's (we watched Chicago cause Brett had never seen it before). A wrap around porch. Downton Abbey look'n bathtub with HOT HOT HOT water our dorm can't even come close to. And yummy breakfast we didn't have to make (with bacon!). And, it's right by Magnolia Street (if our tires weren't flat we would've definitely taken our bikes).

And we (maybe more-so "I") gushed over a pre-date night photosesh at the Hattie May house, because we (once again, "I") go vintage crazy and was really really really excited about all the fun things we could take pictures with and of.

IMG_3526IMG_3535IMG_3530IMG_3533IMG_3547IMG_3583 IMG_3587