Cinderella Project

There are three very vivid things I remember from high school:

1. I played Captain Hook in a modern rendition of Peter Pan and felt so bad ass sword fighting and devilishly ordering everybody around. Until that one day my theatre teacher made me wear my hook to all my classes to help me get used to wearing it. To this day, I never have any doubt in my mind that it's just as not cool to get your hook stuck to the toilet while your'e trying to flush as it is getting your braces stuck to someone elses on your first kiss.

2.  I sucked at math. Abhored it. Detested it. And that's the one thing that really hasn't changed about me since high school. Math... Bleh, Ew, Yuck.

3. I always regretted my prom dress purchase by the time prom actually rolled around.

Let's indulge in that last one... prom. The only actual prom I went to in high school was someone else's (complete with Breathalizers and all!), because my school avoided at all costs calling dances "prom" (in fear that every girl AND guy would get knocked up by the end of the night...okay probably not, but the words "prom connotation" were thrown around a lot by parents and teachers). We did, however, have winter formals (A name that implies it wasn't really something you would want to wear a strapless dress to, right?). Of all the years I went to a dance, I had maybe one dress I actually liked. My mom and I would spend a tension-filled weekend or two looking for the right dress and after trying on a beautiful dress that brought out my eyes and fit my body perfectly, I'd go for something totally obscure, ugly-colored, and weird. And my mom would silently and graciously bite her tongue while we spent my parent's money on something she knew I would hate when I looked at the pictures afterward.

This year all those fond memories of trying dress after dress on, have resurfaced in the ways I never thought possible. One of the community projects the university I work at puts on every year is called Cinderella Project, and it's the coolest idea anyone's ever had. UNT takes dress donations from college girls (who don't need them anymore...even if they think they're holding onto them for I don't know what), then sets up a weekend of free shopping for girls in the local community to shop, try on dresses, and take a dress home for absolutely FREE. It's the coolest. It's too fun watching these sweet high school girls sheepishly stop by and awkwardly pick out a few dresses. And how honoring it is to be a part of lots of volunteers that get to help them decide on which one looks best on them. *Dreamy sigh*. I probably would have benefited from something like this back in high school.... if I wouldn't have listened to my mom's opinion I might have at least listened to a cool college girl's.

The awesome team that helps coordinate Cinderella Project asked me to help with an advertising photoshoot. Here's a few shots from that unfortunately FREEZING cold morning photosesh. But these college girls were SUCH troopers and were ready to shed their coats, sweaters, and scarves for a few awesome (shivering) shots. I call this photoshoot:

"Winter Formal. Literally".


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