Grant + Kelly + Baby

Last year we spent Thanksgiving in Oklahoma with these two and got to snap a few fun pictures of them. Back then, they were dating, hadn't kissed yet, and were so in love it was just too darn toot'n cute. IMG_2870 In just one year, they've gotten themselves into a lot of good trouble, I'd say. Dating, engaged, married, and pregnant. Lots of good stuff happening all at once. Brett and I are so joy-filled for them as their brother and sister-n-law, and so happily cheering them on from the sidelines! So this year we took pictures again. But this time they had a baby bump to show off and they were allowed to do as much kissing as they wanted. So much kissing I had to tell them to stop because it was getting weird. But I'm really glad Grant can't get enough of his Bride. Because who doesn't love seeing that? IMG_9510 IMG_9492 IMG_9572 IMG_9574 IMG_9500 IMG_9518 IMG_9577 IMG_9581 IMG_9528 IMG_9530 IMG_9562