Bryan Fantana

If you're a fan of anchorman, you'll probably enjoy that my Trophy Hub dressed up like Bryan Fantana for a costume party we went to last night. I'll be honest... I've tried watching Anchorman once but I stopped watching when I realized it was stttuuuupiiddddd.

But I love my hubby and he isn't stupid so I let him part and flatten his hair as near to his skull as it would stick for this one evening so he could excitedly give us his best Bryan Fantana look possible.


And me?

I might have looked like a fifties housewife to some... but I pulled a doozy on everybody and called myself "Last Decade's Wall Paper", cause my dress just embodied wallpaper! Eesh! Whenever you decorate your home, PLEASE remember that floral-intense patterns are for dresses, not wall papered living rooms you see onĀ 7th Heaven. That goes for floral carpet too.