Deer Deer.

I was a deer for Halloween. Not a Reindeer. Not a moose. Not an owl for that one person who really thought I was an owl? A Deer. Specifically the deer from Tommy Boy. The one Tommy accidentally hits in his car so he decides to put stuff it in the back of the car because he thinks it's dead.... and then a few minutes later the deer wakes up in the backseat and everybody, including the deer, is yelling and the car is swerving and it's SO FUNNY! And if you haven't seen Tommy Boy, you must not have gone on many 18 hour bus ride church ski trips in high school.

Here's a few shots of both Brett and I.... my Deer inspiration came from Fawn and Feather's photoshoots, some of the funnest shoots I've ever seen. Brett just threw on some crazy glasses we found in the back of his car. He's still a hunk of a guy even in those crazy glasses if you ask me.

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