Nom, Nom, Nom.

sugar fasttt

Today marks day TWO of Husband Stine and I's SUGAR FAST.

That doesn't mean that we're chugging sugar or hooking ourselves up to IV's filled with syrup and chocolate sauce (although I sure wish it did). It means that we're not eating sugar. At all. None. In anything.

Day One: Our vision was set. Our focus was clear. Our stomachs were ready.

But this is me on day two grumpying about it wishing I would've gone for the IV option. I swore to Brett as he was making dinner tonight that the lack of sugar in my life the past 48 hours has really put a damper on my personality. He looked at me with such deep empathy and innocent kitty eyes and said, "I highly doubt that."

It all started with me intaking one grande caramel frappucino, five cookies, one cinnamon roll, a mid-sized fro-yo, 3 Cream Sodas, a handful of chocolate candies, and a dessert after every meal in the cafeteria last week. And I probably left something off that list.

So next time you think about fasting sugar... stop thinking about it and eat it anyway.

And the next next time you think about sugar, consider an investment in a Syrup IV for me.

And now for the completely-unrelated-to-the-blog-post MOVIE REVIEW of the week:

The Stines would like to inform the world that the saddest movie EVER came out at RedBox this month. If you haven't seen The Bling Ring, you probably are curious enough to watch it because Emma Watson's in it and everybody needs a little Hermione to liven up their cinema. But whoa. This movie was a surprise. The Bling Ring is based on a real life incident where OC teenies robbed famous people and got high a lot. This is not a must movie. But if you want to see epic portrayals of the millennial generation as well as sickening portrayals of manipulation, vanity, broken families, and addiction, then this movies is for you! If you've ever felt consumed by wanting to be popular, wanting expensive clothes, wanting to get high all the time, or wanting to rob... then you shouldn't watch this movie because it will help you see as plain as day that those things are complete doo-doo. It will also make you cringe and yell out loud (YOL-- Yell Out Loud-- why is this not a thing?) because of how obviously outrageous it was that they got away with so much and were exposed so easily.... THE BEST part of this movie was the OC California accents. SPOT ON. I've lived there folks, it doesn't get any more real than, "Thawt's soow chillll....". What do you think? Is The Bling Ring worth watching?