Stitch-isms Giveaway

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. BUT KEEP AN EAGER EYE OPEN FOR MORE FREE STUFF!!! Words bring me life. Words make me laugh and cry. Words are so powerful for good and nasty. Words keep me going most days. Words created long ago: "Let there be". My mind is always turning over and over the best way to say a sentence or express an emotion through words. I hope words will always be around.

Lately, I've been stitching words to people. An "I love you" or a "thank you" or a "Love" stitched by hand. I'm loving it. I'm loving people's faces when they see my work and my message for them.

SO this week, I decided to give away two funnies. Two stitchisms that make me feel good inside.

The first stitch-ism is for you Portlandia lovers. Brett and I are finishing up Season 3 and we don't know what we'll do when it's over. If you watch Portlandia you really should know why the word "Cacao" is significant and humorous. I'd post a clip of the Cacao episode here, but it's not really kid friendly... which makes me feel kind of awkward for posting it on my blog. But it's here. And it's a giveaway. And it's funny. So there.

The second stitch-ism is for you classy Disney Lion King fans who can't get enough Muh-tah-tah in your life. A few weeks ago Brett and I went to The Koffee Kup Cafe on our anniversary weekend, and a little boy sitting across from us sang, as loudly as he could, "When I was a young warthog!" the ENTIRE time we were eating. I kept thinking, how cruel of his parents... they really need to let him see the rest of that movie so he can at least finish that song. WAH-WAHHHH.....

To enter the FIRST EVER Stich-ism Giveaway, like this post on Facebook and comment on which Stitch-ism you want and WHY. This giveaway is only for addresses within the United States. The Stitch-ism winners will beĀ announced THIS Friday, October 18th.

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