Old Bricks & Graffiti: Toronto according to the iphone I'm not married to this week.

I've never experienced vacation from a real job before. But after this week, I can say that vacation is needed and more important than I ever thought it was. A week of silence. A week to remember who I am when I'm not married to my phone. A week to let my brain wander to all that is in front of me. A week to recall dreams and ideas. A week off from real life. A week to be with my family, talking or not. I hope I leave here remembering to put my phone down more. It feels lame to be convicted of being too addicted to my phone. But after not having internet this week, I realized how much I allow it to poison my mind, make me compare my life to others, and keep my creativity stifled. Here's to a week without it. A week of vacation. 

"I do believe that what made this trip feel more deeply restful than any in recent memory was that it was truly quiet, that the constant chatter and conversation and mental clutter we create with Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest and blogs was, for one week, blessedly silent.... After a few days, I realized how much I liked it. How much the silence sounded like music, and how much better I liked my own life in that silence.... All of a sudden that silence-- that blessed, glorious, strange silence--- let me be completely in one place. I was totally there, totally in it, without feeling like my mind was divided into a thousand small splinters, spinning out all over the world, leaving nothing but a glassy stare and twitchy fingers always reaching for my phone..... What I find is that it's better to be in one place, wholly and full-hearted, than a thousand splintery half-places, glamorous as they may be." -Shauna Neiquest, Bread and Wine