When you can't fall back to sleep.

It's one of those mornings. You wake up and no matter how badly you want to fall back asleep, you can't. This morning I laid there for an hour thinking of how I wanted to rearrange our food pantry in our next apartment. I thought about how dejected and discouraged I was last night at the gym because of how poorly I have let myself view my own body lately. How obsessed and selfish I've been with money lately. And how I sometimes feel as if I'm not the kind of Hall Director that can be a friend AND a respected leader. Then I surrendered these fears to God. Feeling at the end of my rope. Worn out. I thought about how I miss California, college, and being forced to read good books. I thought of different ways to design the next set of pillows I make, visually planning out every seam, cut, and button. I thought of what my dream house/job/wardrobe might look like. I thought of how I'm probably too addicted to my iphone. I thought about how loving and understanding Brett was last night when I confessed some of my latest fears to him. And how his sweetest response was praying for me. I thought about the fact that children died yesterday and parents are grieving. I thought about jumping in the car to make a donut run, but I didn't feel like throwing on clothes... so I didn't. I thought about how thankful I am that there's something called Memorial Day and I don't have to work. And then I stitched this picture together. Grateful to have sifted through my thoughts.20130521-063244.jpg