Christmas with the Stines

From my couch. With hot tea and honey. And Strep throat. But pre-sickness... Brett gave me such a beautiful one hour Christmas present. HEYOOO TRAMPOLINE WAREHOUSE! After five minutes we were worn out. After an hour... I wasn't sure I was still breathing or that all my limbs were still attached to my body. YOU GOTTA TRY IT!

Watch out world. The Stines gots trampoline moves.


And here's one of my favorite ornaments from this year...


Sometimes I really don't feel brave... and as I'm starting up a new job, I know I'll struggle with feeling confident, brave, responsible, or sure. I did, however, hear a great T.E.D. talk the other day, and though I'm all about being vulnerable and honest about where I'm at, I think sometimes we have to start believing something about ourselves even when it isn't true. No longer is it "Fake it till you make it", rather "Fake it till you become it". So here's to beginning a new year walking confidently, bravely, and joyfully.