Grant + Kelly

When I got married, I married a good look'n husband. Mmm, mmm, Gooooood look'n. I also got a good look'n brother-n-law, who, of course, is dating a good look'n gal named Kelly. I just love hang'n out with good look'n people, especially on Thanksgiving. Brett and I like them a lot and they like each other a lot so we thought we'd take a few pictures of them and their good looks.

Meet Grant and Kelly, my first couple to shoot... in the teeny-weeny-lemon-squeezy-you're-related-to-everyone-in-the-joint town of Devol, Oklahoma. 

There might have been a donkey too, but most people don't take significant other lovey-dovey pictures with a donkey, so we didn't. But in light of Christmas approaching and lots of TV screens lighting up with It's A Wonderful Life, we can all lift our fingers to our heads and wave a welcoming HEE-HAW!