What has become clear to you lately?

Mrs. Stine, what has become clear to you lately?

1. Phil Dumphey is stealing my primetime heart.

2. Whether or not I wear an apron in the kitchen, I WILL get gunk on me.

3. I want to hear more about what the church is doing right than what the church is doing wrong. We are not perfect, but God is, and I'd love to hear of how His perfect work is being carried out all around the U.S. and the world; it is so good to see the church meet it's failings with conviction and change, but sometimes my ears only feel like the church is doing all wrong and zero right.

4. I eat much healthier out of college than in college, but I really miss eating pizza ALLL the time. With two cups of ranch on the side. NO SHAME.

5. I live with a boy permanently now. He's a boy who loves me very much, even when I steal the covers every night.

6. Having a job does not define me. Finally I think I'm catching on to this. I'm not allowing myself to feel like a failure for not having a 9-5 because it has been good and healthy for me to take a step back from defining myself with the job I have.

7. Making deep and lasting friends for life, like the kind I'd be willing to roadtrip with and eat Bar-B-Q in front of, takes TIME and GUTS. And neither of those do I have the patience or stomach for. But if you ask me, it is a courageous thing to open oneself up to another, asking for friendship and acceptance. And because I value intentional relationships and all that acceptance ridiculousness, I'm finding myself taking bigger risks with those I have been given the chance to know in the short time I've lived here. I'm learning that sometimes I'm the one that has to take the courageous first step, and I'm learning to be okay with that.

8. It's okay to take notes and annotate books after college just for fun. I'm doing it right now in our coffee shop, Jupiter House, and, so far, no one has approached me and asked me why I'm independently furthering my education.

9. Riding a bike with flat tires is much harder than riding a bike with air IN the tires. I wonder how long I've been riding that monster of a bike until Brett discovered the tires were flat?

10. Brett and I are pretty good at fort making. Hence, our marriage will be successful.