Etsy Denton

Another Saturday dedicated to hand-crafted art. Going to these fairs is everything wonderful and inspiring. But, as a responsible crafter, I left my wallet at home for this one, knowing that a day at Etsy Denton is not really part of my budget this month. I LOVED all the ideas and creativity I saw though and was SO close to darting out of that building and running the two blocks home so I could sit at my sewing machine and start cranking out creative projects. From bike chain art to sassy printed stationary, my camera wished it had snapped pictures of it all. Here are a few boutiques, though, that met my sewers stitch right where it was coming un-hemmed.

I was wonderstruck by Wunderkammer Culture's style, fashion meets nature. 

If  you can put antler's on a wall AND make them look pretty you've got my admiration.

Project 4.30's hand bags had me at hello... and I wish they'd had be at goodbye, but I didn't bring my wallet, remember? That's why I'm telling all of you about them now... so Project 4.30 can have YOUR wallet at hello.

I wish I could grow Cherry Kandy's lace trinkets and vintage necklaces in my backyard.  But I think my backyard is too small for jewelry growing.

Christie Cone Ceramics

...hit my "I want to be a gardener" spot. She makes gardening labels that are perfect for this winter's herbs. Brett and I really are hoping to start a garden at some point in the next few weeks--- with a whiskey barrel, a mug in the shape of a pipe, and a pot that looks like a cauldron straight out of a Harry Potter movie. WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE ARE DOING IN THE GARDEN SOMEONE HELP US. But we are really excited to see our plants grow.

Etsy Denton, I'll see you in June!