Sisters on the Fly.

Saturdays this month have given me nothing but great local craft fairs. This isn't the frilly bows and ribbons kinda cheese-fest either... this is a metal-bending, wood-carving, guitar-making, DIY-way-better-than-pinteresting kinda fair filled with local Texas swagger. As Brett's wonderfully adventurous and ever-active Aunt Pam and I were walking the streets of old town Waxahachie, we couldn't help but notice there were some crazy Tex-dressed older ladies walking the streets. Frilly skirts. Lots of Lace. Cowboy Boots. Top Hats! We thought these older dressed up ladies had just decided to have  a little bit of fun that day, but what we discovered is that these ladies claim to "Have more fun than anyone" all the time. Meet, Sisters on the Fly. We turned the corner of a beautiful brick building and immediately found out these ladies were more than invested in frilly outfits. These ladies are actually all about nature! LADIES.... mostly women in their later days (the founder is 93 and still go'n!)... hike'n, fish'n, kayak'n, wine taste'n, horse back ride'n... I bet there's even spit'n. They travel in these cowgirl'd-up trailers to adventure throughout the states together, as women who love to have fun in the out of doors. They have quickly become some of my biggest heroes. And one day, maybe I'll find myself tote'n around a dressy'd up trailer with a box o' worms, fish'n line, and maybe even a bow and arrow sit'n next to me in the driver's seat.