The Tomato.

A week ago the Hubs and I took a mini roadtrip a few miles down the highway to the BEST PIZZA PLACE EVER. Don't try to argue with me on this one if you think you've been somewhere better. You haven't. And that's that.

Hubs used to go to this place in Denton all the time when he was a young college lad... until it burned down one day. SO, we decided to honor the new location (as well as our hungry stomachs) and made the trip down the highway. We called this placeĀ The Tomato. We CALLED it that because we were literally some of its last customers little did we know. Ladies and Gents, I've never seen a restaurant fight so hard for its life, come of out of the ashes (literally), and then come to an end so abruptly. The BEST PIZZA PLACE EVER just closed yesterday. Forever. I will never get to prove how great it was to you all. So i guess we'll just have to share with you how tomato-tastic it was. And you can be jealous you didn't get to go. FOREVER. JEALOUS.