Little Bungalow: the beginning

After a few weeks of chaos (the kind of chaos that makes you feel like your house is in a constant state of Chuck-E-Cheese at their busiest hour) our little loft bungalow finally feels like our place. After days of decorating, organizing, and not stepping on too many toes, Brett and I have finally found ourselves settled. Coming home after our honeymoon was the best, because we walked in to a lot of love from a lot of people... wedding gifts. Unwrapping wedding gifts is one of the most humbling and stressful things I will ever do. I'm humbled because Brett and I both don't feel as if we deserved what we got. And I found myself stressed because both Brett and I have to figure out how to make it all work in our town home. We've discovered nooks and crannies we didn't even know existed. Want to know our secret to living in a small space with too much stuff (and that's ironic since we both consider ourselves to be pretty simple people)? We store our pots and pans in our dishwasher. BEST. TRICK. EVER. Some of you are thinking... how do you clean your dishes... it's called scrubbing with your hands. Most people have two of them. Hands. Scrub. Dishes. Clean.

We love that Apartment 3 is the first place we will do a lot of firsts, and that is something I am celebrating today. It's a place Brett will discover that his precious angel of a wife likes to leave her clothes in a pile on the floor outside the closet. It's a place I'll keep forgetting and remembering that Brett likes peanut butter on BOTH pieces of bread before the jelly goes on, not just one piece. It's not right if the peanut butter is only on one piece.

Our home is a place Brett vowed to me on our wedding day, in front of everyone we love, that we would offer as a safe, restful, hope-filled space to all who are needing rest, encouragement, joy, hope, or love. Or cereal. We always have that too. Our place is not ours but everyones, and whether others know it or not, we have an open door policy ALLLLL OF MOST OF the time... except when we're snuggling. Okay, everyone can snuggle too. (What did I learn in college? How to snuggle. One of my university's top values was "CUDDLE WITH EVERYONE ALWAYS". Okay, maybe not. But really.).

Here's a peak at our place minus our "to be featured later" bedroom, mainly the details that I think characterize us or make us feel alive. But the rule is, you can't just read the blog and drool over our pictures (cause I know you will), you have to come over and enjoy the couch and free chai tea too. FREE CHAI TEA.