Snow Day | Trujillo Family Portraits

Haley and Ruben are some of the real folks in this world. Down to earth and honest about how life really is. I like that about them.

They live in a really unique neighborhood, tucked away in a West Texas Canyon. I’ve never seen a neighborhood quite like theirs— houses with VERY differing architectural concepts hidden away in a canyon that surrounds a lake. Some houses look like they’re about to fall off the canyon cliffs they’re built on. It’s fascinating.

Our session was relaxed and consisted of a walk down to the lake in the snow. Really beautiful golden light on untouched snow. The creaminess in these photos comes from that light and the snow.

Haley and Ruben are living a three-kid life adventure.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Malachi without his super cool cowboy boots on. And oh boy— He was ready for a snowball fight every second of our walk through Ransom Canyon.

Hannah is really into dancing to a song about bananas these days. I love how care-free she is.

And Titus. His smiles. Some of the first smiles of millions he’ll have in his lifetime.

Andrew + Lizzie | Wedding

It’s all here. Everything to the quiet of the venue the morning of, to the laughter and games after the ceremony, to the walking and climbing through Zilker Park Portraits after the reception.

AND THE DONUT WALL. Sorry not sorry for including too many pictures of the donut wall. I’ve never seen a sexier donut wall, than at Lizzie and Andrew’s wedding. It’s SO PRETTY and makes me SO hungry.

Here are my top FIVE favorite moments from Andrew and Lizzie’s Wedding:

  1. Their wedding values. Andrew and Lizzie wanted their guests to interact with one another. They wanted their guests to engage with one another, have intentional conversations, and have fun. So, epically and non-traditionally they chose to nix the dancing and include Lawn Games instead. I love when couples break the mold. I love when couples value guests having special moments with one another. This was really cool to see happen at Andrew and Lizzie’s wedding.

  2. The first look. Duh. Andrew was tearing up before I even brought Lizzie out. And what was so awesome about their first look? It was simple and sweet. They held hands and smiled at each other. What they said was to each other and— just the way I like it— I was sneaky and far away so they really owned the moment and were able to be their most authentic sweet selves. And they really are the sweetest couple. You can see it on their faces in these pictures. Sometimes we make the first look out to be this crazy epic event. These two made it so simple and effortless.

  3. The Zilker portraits. These two love adventures, rocks, and adventures. They picked the spot and it was honestly so nice to walk around with them post-wedding. Not pressured by time. I could tell they were relaxed and excited to walk around and hug one another. Lizzie was a boss for climbing around in her dress. And Andrew was a boss for how much I made him pick up Lizzie.

  4. The Stained Glass vs. The Donut Wall. IT WAS ALL SO PRETTY. The chicken and waffles we had for brunch were pretty awesome too.

  5. The kindest toasts from the Matron of Honor and the Best Man. When speeches make me cry at weddings…. that’s when I’m reminded of how important my job is and how VERY COOL it is I get to witness people celebrating people.

What kind of wall would you have at your wedding? Donuts? Puppies? Balloons?

Stacie StineComment
Lizzie + Andrew | Zilker Black and Whites

These two beautiful human beings are married and romantic as ever whether they’re in color or black and white.

Not everyone loves black and white. Not everyone loves moody and dark. I LOVE BOTH OF THESE THINGS, even though I don’t typically photograph dark and moody.

This black and whites are really for my own enjoyment and appreciation of light without color.

I think there’s something sacred and romantic about black and white. I do everything I can when I’m editing wedding not to try out every picture in black and white. Sometimes I just want to see how it changes the depth or perspective of the picture.

With these, I especially love seeing the sunlight come through in black and white.

Some of these are moodier than others— what do you notice your eyes finding in each picture? Do you think you would focus on different aspects of Lizzie and Andrew if the pictures were in color?