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Hi there you beautiful specimen of a Bride. Girl, let's rock your Bridals.

A session with me can be as professional, adventurous, or laid back as you want-- but I'd love to get to know you a little bit so I can be sure to capture your you-i-est self. It's also helpful to have you think through what you might want from this session!

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Did you know you can bring your favorite Spotify playlist to our session and we can play it on my portable speaker? If you think music would make your session more fun, let me know if you are interested in having music at your session!
Have you taken a myers briggs or strengths test? Are you laid back, fun, energetic, low-key, not about the hype, chill, type-A, type-B, a little too crazy, not as crazy as your best friend Suzie, etc.
Please list these locations in order of MOST importance to least importance.
Any special items you'll have with you? Your bouquet? Your favorite dog? Your fiance's sunglasses? Your knitting neatles? A giant milkshake?
Please link any helpful Pinterest boards here!