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Let’s make your wedding you-i-er with romantic FUn Photography

and custom Vow calligraphy.


Your Wedding Vows written out in modern Calligraphy and classically framed, because weddings are one day, and vows are a lifetime


Romantic and candid wedding photography With a fun human behind the lens, advocating for you and cheering you on! No Moment escapes my lens, no couple escapes my hugs

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Hiyaaa, I'm Stacie,

The creative hands and soul behind Jamboree. I drink Nespresso like George Clooney and play guitar on my front porch with all my feels. You bring the event, and I bring the creative pizazz. Pizzaz, not pizza. Maybe both.

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A love letter from me to you. XOXO, Stacie

My photography and calligraphy services provide a living for me, but I hope and pray they also provide a thriving marriage for you.

You’ve put a lot of work into your wedding day. Your whole love story is on display to be adored and celebrated.

I know, because six years ago I poured my heart into my wedding celebration. All I wanted when I received my wedding photos was to see the joy on our faces as my husband and I looked at one another. I wanted to see the uniquely adoring way he gazed at me. I wanted to see our best friends from near and far GETTING LIT on the dance floor. I wanted to glimpse moments my guests were having I didn’t even have the chance to witness in person. I wanted my heart to skip a beat and visually remember that it all really did happen. And six years later, I am passionate about what we vowed to one another all those years ago. Remembering and living out what we said is one of the most intentional things I can do on a daily basis. That’s why my own vows are beautifully hand-lettered and hanging above my husband’s underwear drawer in our bedroom.

I get what this wedding day means to you. It’s not just about the wedding day, but also every day after.

So— I'm there—- celebrating, photographing, and advocating for you on the day of. I'm there, with a smile, a kind eye, a gentle persona, and a FIERCE camera (and polaroid cameras!), ready for every second of it. I’ll probably crack a few corny jokes and tell you how smoke’n hot you two are as a couple. You’ll frame your vows or first dance lyrics I hand-letter for you and (I hope so deeply) every time you look at them hanging on your wall, you’ll remember that initial joy-filled spark between you and your spouse.


What people are saying …

The one with major encouragement | Vow Calligraphy

I was newly engaged when I saw Stacie post the vows she did for her and her husband on Instagram. They were beautiful! I was looking for a wedding gift to give my fiancé, Parker, and I couldn’t think of anything more personal or romantic than vows. Besides, I had to replace my fiancé’s holographic tiger poster hanging in my soon-to-be home with something a bit more classy...

At weddings, the ceremony isn’t my favorite part but it was at my own. Parker and I spent a lot of time on our personalized vows and it showed. I laughed and cried along with the guests as we took turns reading. It was an incredibly special moment that I hadn’t expected and I’m so glad I have a hint of it to keep in my home forever.

Parker and I received the vows shortly after our wedding (almost a year ago now) and he loved them! We get tons of compliments on how wonderful they look but more importantly, they’ve become real to my husband and I in a way they probably wouldn’t have if they weren’t framed in the living room. Every few months, we find ourselves standing in front of them. I tear-up and Parker makes a joke. These remastered, done-up vows continue to be a humbling reminder, sweet challenge, and major encouragement. Every married couple should have them!




Choosing Stacie was actually one of the first decisions we made in the planning process, it was a no-brainier. Having Stacie there was great. It felt like another friend was with us. We didn't even notice she was there for the more intimate parts like the first look and the ceremony. Stacie added to the fun as she interacted with our guests. A special part was that Stacie had asked us about the vision of our wedding before the day happened and helped make that vision a reality. Stacie is so fun! She kept everything light and fun and moving quickly. Even those that were not comfortable in front of the camera were at ease which made for some amazing pictures. We were so excited for our pictures. I have actually looked at them everyday since receiving them. The feeling was like a little kid at Christmas opening a highly anticipated gift and finding exactly what they had wished for. I think the atmosphere that she added was incredible. Stacie really cared about captur[ing] our day so that we could remember it forever. She was fun, loving and encouraging. Stacie really cared about Andrew and I and put a lot of care into making sure she captured all the important moments we wanted. When we had our pre-wedding conference we told Stacie it was important for our wedding to feel like a gathering and she really captured our love of community…