Wedding Questionnaire:  

Names of the LoveBirds Getting Married *
Names of the LoveBirds Getting Married
What kind of vibe is your wedding?
What time does your wedding start?
What time does your wedding start?
What time does your reception start?
What time does your reception start?
Will you be having a first look?
If you ARE having a first look, are you okay with Stacie photographing your first look from a distance (it's a sweet moment, I want to give you space, and not feel weird with a camera around!)
(Example: Bride + Bridesmaids, Groom + Groomsmen, Groom and Best Man, Bride + Groom + Bridal Party, Bride + Groom + House Party, Bride + Groom + House Party + Groomsmen + Bridesmaids)
Example: Bride + Mother, Bride + Mother and Father, Bride + Father, Bride + Mother + Father+ Siblings, Bride and Groom + Bride's Mom +Bride's Dad +Bride's Siblings).
Will Dinner be provided for Stacie (and her second photographer if you've opted for one),
Do you want your guests to take pictures during your ceremony?

Thoughts to consider while you're planning your Sweet day!

Our relationship is a trust relationship. You've trusted me with your most memorable wedding visuals, and I've trusted you to let me know how I can best serve you and portray you. Just like friendships and husband/wife relationships, the more trust we build between us, the more relaxed and creative we can be. The more I know you, the more your pictures will reflect who you really are and how I interact with you on your wedding day. I've put some serious thought into this questionnaire and I know you've put some serious thought into your wedding day. I have a few "things I've learned along the way" to share with you. You can take them or leave them, but I always find they are helpful for brides or grooms to think through. 

XOX0, Stacie

First Look thoughts:

I’ve discovered couples are happiest with their pictures and more patient with themselves when we are not rushed. So I recommend taking pictures before the wedding of: Bride and Groom together (first look and a few styled/posed pictures ahead of time), Bride and Groom with families, and B + G with bridal party.

If you prefer to not have a first look, we can do a quick family and bridal party session after the wedding. I ask for 30 minutes for those pictures specifically! 

If you are choosing to not have a first look, please let me know ahead of time so we can schedule some time to steal you away during the reception for pictures of just the bride and groom. This short time away from your guests just you two getting to enjoy a second with each other—— this might be some of the time you cherish most from your wedding and pictures you cherish most from the entire day. I’ve never had a wedding couple sad about spending a little time away from everyone for some awesome pictures of themselves.

Ideally, I like to steal the wedding couple for ONE to TWO hours of relaxed, romantic, un-rushed pictures on the day of. Using that time for pictures on and near the venue. That’s a long period of time, but the pictures are worth it. Plus, you get to spend a little extra time love’n and squeeze’n on your honey before your “I Do’s”.


If there’s a wedding coordinator present on the day of (or an extra dependable bridesmaid), I would ask that they help me get through the family posed pictures. I will have the list, they just need to tell me who is next and who is on deck so I can communicate to your families who needs to be where.

Guests taking pictures during your ceremony thoughts: 

Not sure if you’ve seen the articles floating around on the internet, but a lot of Brides and Grooms have begun to ask their family and friends to keep their phones and cameras off and away during the ceremony. Mainly so the photographer doesn’t get the perfect alter kiss set up and Aunt Mildred jumps into the alter kiss shot all of a sudden so she can get a crappy picture on her iphone. And what does the photographer end up with? No wedding kiss picture and a picture of Aunt Mildred’s back. If you are interested in having your guests without their phones or cameras, please ask the ceremony officiant to address this at the beginning of the wedding or make a sign that communicates that to your guests. 


On the complete opposite side of that, some couples REALLY want their own instagram hashtag and they REALLY want their guests to take pictures with their iphones. Some couples even have their guests video their wedding, then drop those videos into a public drop box so the couple can put together a wedding video later.

Whatever decision you make, is TOTALY COOL— as your photographer I want to get the best shot possible, it helps if I know what your plan with your guests is ahead of time so I can avoid any accidental Aunt Mildred moments. :)

Providing a list of family pictures before the ceremony thoughts: 

While this is your wedding day and the opinions of others might or might not matter to you, I highly recommend asking your family a month or two in advance what they envision for family photos.

Family photos can get awkward REAL quick if the list I receive isn’t specific. These pictures can also take A LOT longer if you, the sweetest couple, are trying to figure out who you want to take picture with in the moment, while your whole family is staring at you waiting for you to decide who needs to be in what--- I find most couples regret not making a list because they leave someone off (I never got a picture with my brother at my own wedding! So sad!).