Jamboree, Design & Photography, is owned and operated by me, Stacie Stine, a cactus loving and coffee-inhaling entrepreneur, since 2014. 

If you and I were stuck in an elevator for 10 seconds, I'd say a good way to sum up what I do is the following: I'm a Double Whammy Designer and Photographer, specializing in small business branding, Wedding invitation suites and Wedding Photography. 

But, to get a real good "About Me", you have to understand what a Jamboree is and why my business is named after such a significant word.

A Jamboree is a party.

It's the sort of shindig-hootenany-small-town-get-together that runs deep with celebration, connection, fun, and lastly, "noisy merrymaking". 

I'm your Jamboree. I show up ready to be your noisiest merrymaker. I value celebrating your business or wedding. And I really want you to feel like we partied hard to make your invitations or brand really fun, personal, true to you, and meaningful.

I would hate this job if I didn't get to be deeply personal and wonderfully professional all at once. These services I offer are the stuff of dreams, and I want my clients to have the best time they can possibly have. I want them to leave this Jamboree-one-woman-service encouraged, empowered, smiling, and excited--- just like they'd leave any real Jamboree party.


  • My husband, Brett, and I are currently living in West Texas for the next 2-4 years, until the winds of Brett's PHD schooling take us elsewhere. 
  • I also work for an organization called The Navigators. 
  • I design with both paint, ink, pens, calligraphy pens, photoshop, and adobe sketch. 
  • Every now and then I blog a series called All Dressed Up, where I get (you guessed it) all dressed up in modern mostly thrifted fashion because I'm passionate about clothing and I'm passionate about sharing how easy it is to re-use clothing and materials.