ABOUT Stacie

Hey Stranger. The Sun's get'n real low... so I should introduce myself! (That's an Avengers reference if you didn't get it).

I'm Stacie Stine, a musical loving and coffee-inhaling photographer and designer, since 2014. 

Here's why my business is called Jamboree:

A Jamboree is a party.

It's the sort of shindig-hootenany-small-town-get-together that runs deep with celebration, connection, fun, and lastly, "noisy merrymaking". 


I'm your Jamboree. 

I show up ready to be your noisiest merrymaker and biggest celebrator. Ready to serve, care for, and root for you! 

I would hate this job if I didn't get to be deeply personal and wonderfully professional all at once. These services I offer are the stuff of dreams, and I want you, my clients to have the best time they can possibly have. I want them to leave this Jamboree-one-woman-service encouraged, empowered, smiling, and excited.


Personal FAQ'S:

  • My husband, Brett, and I are currently living in West Texas for the next 2-4 years, until the winds of Brett's PHD schooling take us elsewhere. 
  • I also work for an organization called The Navigators, mentoring and hanging out with college students. 
  • I design with both paint, ink, pens, calligraphy pens, photoshop, and adobe sketch on the ipad. 
  • If I could blog about life, coffee, style, books, pop-culture, fashion, thrifting, and pretty interior design for the rest of my life, I would. But I'll take photography and design in the mean time. :)