You Have a Place & Let's Gather COMBO

You Have a Place & Let's Gather COMBO


This purchase includes TWO 8x10 prints hand-drawn by a devoted Gatherer, fixed up in graphic design, then printed in-house on matte cardstock.

Dont' like the COLOR? Need a different size? Just message us with the color you prefer (include a picture if you can) and we'll make a custom colored print just for you! No extra charge!

Everyone has a place and it's important to remember that when our world gets dark and we feel EVER SO alone. We are not.

I'm a Christian who has grown up in the church, and am in awe at how often we have not talked about seasons of depression and how often we, as women AND men, weave in and out of feeling SO lonely, unpurposed, and unimportant. That's why these prints are SO important to me. They are true reminder that God steps into my dark days and lonely seasons. God tells us we have a place in Ephesians 1 and 2. He tells us we inherit everything His First Born Son Jesus was supposed to inherit. God tells us we have a place on this earth as we GATHER with other people who follow Jesus. And he tells us we HAVE A PLACE seated right next to his throne when this life is over.

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