HandWritten Vows (Gifted to the Wedding Couple!)

HandWritten Vows (Gifted to the Wedding Couple!)


Whether you're about to seal the deal or you know someone who is, these Handwritten vows are the perfect intentional and lasting gift for a couple getting married! 

Framed in Gold (16x20 frame size), printed on archival white paper in black ink (a timeless color scheme by the way- black, white and gold! But ink color can be changed if indicated in the notes section of this purchase!) 

What is the Process for Gifting Vows?

We'll gather all of the wedding couples' contact information from you (as well as your contact info!), so we can gather their vows one week after their ceremony! Once we receive their vows, we write them out, and the happy couple should receive them one month after we've received their vows! All they have to do is assemble them at home! ***If you would like the vows to be sent framed, please contact Stacie and she'll send you a custom order with an assembly fee added on! 

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