Recent Jamboree Clients

Jamboree projects vary from invitation design, photography portraits, wedding photography, to branding for small businesses.

Katie & Justin | Wedding 

These two didn't cling too closely to their Day Of Timeline--- and their amazing pictures show it. About one fourth of the way into their day, they threw their order of events out the window and just did what they wanted. They had their first dance on the dock, before the ceremony, when no one was watching. They stared into each others' eyes for almost two hours while I snapped pics of them all over their venue. She got him a framed map of that night's stars. He got her a bracelet containing a small portion of her dad's ashes. And while she cried, he held her tight. 

This was a slow, beautiful, intentional day for these two. And at the end of it, they were visibly SO happily married. 

Three VERY different design styles of Save the Dates:

Designing a whole invitation suite is SUPER fun for me, but I'd also argue it's incredibly exciting for my brides and grooms to see a small part of their big day come together stylistically. 

These Save the Dates are just the beginning designs of some super fun suites I can't wait to show you! 

*And oh my goodness, YES, the top one is fake. Sometimes certain designs don't make it into my clients top choice--- so Anne and Gilbert and my (beloved) and fake clients! 

See more pictures of these Save the Dates here. 

Kelly | Senior Portraits

While I mainly work with brides and ladypreneurs, I have a special place in my heart for college grads. Let's face it--- they NEED stellar headshots and photographs of themselves--- because they have worked hard and not only does a diploma make them look good, but professional pictures make them look great. Like, seriously. Most grads or college students I photograph, use those pictures at least 3-5 years after college. I LOVED Kelly's photo session. She was SO relaxed. SO fun to talk to. And confident in who she is. Those. things. are. my. favorite. 

Maddie | Senior Portraits

Maddie kicked over her nursing books and huffed and puffed at a bunch of confett during these pictures. And then... she went to a BackStreet Boys concert in Las Vegas to celebrate graduating. 

Katie | Bridals 

Bridals are some of the most fun pictures for me as a photographer. There's time to really get to know the bride, laugh with her, ask her about her life and her soon-to-be spouse. There's time for me, the creative eye,to be feel the space, the posing, and the light. There's time to encourage the bride, affirm her, and show her how truly honored I am to take and care for her wedding photos. 

Katie's got spunk, sass, depth, and laughter. See if you can catch those things when you look through her gallery! 

Branding Suite | Amplified Vision, Abilene, TX

If you've peaked through my portfolio enough, you'll find I rarely have male clients, and I think that's why working with Kennah and Brooks Grant was such a good challenge for me. I tend to design on the more feminine side, but I loved getting to create something more masculine and modern.

The Process: 

We went back and forth quite a bit on all the designs (which is totally normal! Usually there are about 3-5 back-and-forths between my clients and I) and finally landed on the official logo you see at the top. Brooks' love for guitars was the main driving point for their logo. They wanted their logo to look like a "Marshall" amplifier. We bought the "Amplified" font to match the Marshall Amp font. I, however, recreated the "V" in "Vision" because it looked too much like a "U". 

They also needed a design for the bags they want to give their clients--- so we created this guitar pick and amplifier-- aren't they fun?


Logo Design | Beloved & Unbound Photography

While this is not the official logo Kathy decided on, this is the logo I would have chosen as the designer. I loved her vision for a watercolor looking moon. The trees and business name are both very important to Kathy and her family, so I wanted to make sure I made it exactly the way she wanted. Check out Kathy's beautiful photography, I love how dark and organic it is. I really think her logo matches her photography style >>>> 


Sweet Sammy Rae's Bake Shop

Oh man, I love Sam's logo. We made so many different colors and shades. If you're in the DFW area, check out her awesome bake shop. I've tasted her cakes and they are DELICIOUS. You can find her here >>>>

Wedding | Nicole + Kyle

Nicole and Kyle ordered my Double Whammy Package for their wedding! Not only did I photography their engagements, wedding, and Nicole's Bridals, but I also designed their Wedding invitations and RSVP's. This was