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Wedding/Event Date
How Traditional are you wanting your designs?
How married are you to your color palette when it comes to your designs?
If you've indicated you'd love a full range of colors, what kind of colors would you like for me to use?
ie. your wedding song, wedding poem, wedding verse, wedding phrase, any other special words that represent your relationship.
Like, the bride in a sari, the Greek flag illustrated by your venue, cultural colors, etc.
Are you cool with me mixing up the hand lettering as I best see fit for design purposes?
Like--- special places, pets, hobbies, foods, restaurants, vacations, jokes, etc.
You'll receive the originals of your designs after your wedding, to frame and hang. What kind of paper would you like your prints to be printed on?
his terrible jokes, her fashion-sense, how he makes the best homemade coffee, how she serves her friends.