Finding my Spark, Starting my Wild Fire

Photo C/O Of Greenhouse creative

Photo C/O Of Greenhouse creative

To understand my story, you have to understand I had a skewed view of what it was like to grow up and "get a job". As a kid, I had dreaded the idea of going to school (I didn't have what some would consider "school smarts"). I hated working on homework assignments I was completely uninterested in. I cringed at the thought of growing up (they call it "adulting" these days) to get a job I most likely hated. Getting a job sounded difficult, unrewarding, and mundane. Why would I want any of those things?

That was my outlook as I considered choosing a vocation. Passionate, positive, and exciting right? I didn't understand then what it was like to find something I loved so much I would want to invest my life's work into it. 

My outlook changed when my older brother wrote me a "How to Survive College" Letter a few weeks before I moved into my dorm room. He told me where to hang out to make friends, what not to eat, and how not to procrastinate (I, however, will ALWAYS find a way to procrastinate---- sorry bro), and most importantly--- he told me to enjoy whatever I study, but not to let it define me or the vocation I would choose one day. He didn't tell me I could do whatever I wanted, but he DID tell me I wasn't locked into a Communication Degree for the rest of my life. And that was incredibly freeing for me to hear. 

I'd applied to college with multiple programs and interests in mind: Theatre, Interior Design, Interpersonal Communication, Video Editing and Multi-Media, English, Hospitality, Journalism, and Fashion Design. Yup, I had a knack for people and creative arts. But why did I have to choose one when I wanted to choose them all???!!!

I chose Communication. It seemed to envelope most of what I was interested in. 

Even still, I was discouraged. I honestly really didn't feel drawn to any particular vocation until my Junior Year of College when I became a Resident Assistant in the dorms. It was in that job I had the opportunity to decorate our hallway, interact with Freshmen on a deep personal level, Write a weekly newsletter for them to read and be encouraged by, Host parties and get-togethers in my room, plan small and big events for them, and talk fashion and style with them. I was doing everything I loved in a role I felt important and needed in. 

It was the first time I felt like maybe I could pursue all the things I love. It was the first time I discovered it's okay to be a multipotentialite. To have and pursue many interests. Even vocationally.

I graduated from college and decided to continue working in University Housing with freshmen since I knew I enjoyed it and hadn't felt excited about much else. It was in Housing I supervised and employee who was studying print-making. She showed me some of her work and artistic process and I immediately wanted to start making my own designs. I started dabbling in watercolor, graphic design, and drawing-- none of which I had taken classes for previously.

I came out with a line of etsy greeting cards that epically failed--- my mom bought most of them. Thanks Mom. 

PHoto c/o Of Greenhouse creative

PHoto c/o Of Greenhouse creative

At that same time, I was also gifted a nice camera and began taking pictures of the college students I supervised in my spare time. Friends and family started noticing my work and in the course of two years, I found myself designing wedding invitations, logos, websites, and photographing students, couples, and weddings. And I still LOVE doing those things. I LOVE mentoring women who are embarking on their own business journey as they try to follow their own spark. I LOVE creatively and visually helping Ladypreneurs brand themselves from pictures to website design.

And the best part?

I run my business Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, while I mentor college women through an organization called The Navigators on Tuesdays and Thursdays (and Monday night Bachelor Watch Parties!!!).

I'm doing EVERYTHING I love. I tell people I'm doing my dream jobs. And that's because I am.

Can you believe so many passions and sparks have led me to this beautiful wild fire? 

Looking back, I can. And I'm grateful for it. 

What does it look like for you to follow your spark? 

Thanks for showing up to this Jamboree, 



Stacie Stine

Design Jamboree, Denton, Texas, United States