Hey. I’m Stacie. And this is Brett. And this is our groovy life on cyberpages.

One of Brett’s friends, Caleb Weiner (whose name I’m trying really hard not to make a corny joke out of right now), dubbed us “pure fire”. We think he’s right, we ARE a pretty hott couple. 

So when you refer to the Stines in the future you can choose from this list of names:

  • Pure Fire
  • Power Couple Awesome Blossom
  • Captain He and Lieutenant She
  • Captain She and Lieutenant He (for the sake of gender equality)
  • Stine Time!


All that to say, we are (or very soon will be) the Stines. Welcome to our blog, where we do things The Stine Way….

Stacie Stine

Design Jamboree, Denton, Texas, United States