Garden walking pop-culture talking

My top Pop Culture Faves this week... Oh, and some of our favorite us + flower snaps from our walk through the Texas Tech Greenhouses the other day...

1. Aly and AJ's new single, Take Me Out. RIGHT? Aly and AJ are still around? They're more than around... they're dropping a new album...and it's nothing like their last Teen-pop album that came out a gazillion years ago. It's like 80's keyboard meets the song you dance to in your living room when you're by yourself. You know I could still rock out to Potential Breakup Song if it ever came on at the rollerskating rink, But I'm PUMPED for their whole album and if you haven't heard their new single, go check it out on Spotify.

2. Ryan Hamilton's Happy Face on Netflix. Comedians are hit and miss with me. I like to keep it light and positive and not too crude most listening to Ryan for an hour was a surprisingly fun part of my day. He's got a really happy looking face (like he looks like he's the toy that would come with a happy meal) and talks about his experience moving from a small town in Idaho to New York City. If you know anyone who's moved to New York, I'd for sure recommend.

3. Snow White's apartment in Once Upon a Time.... the other day I was walking through a new shop in Lubbock, Juxtaposh... and I was like, THIS IS EMMA SWAN AND SNOW WHITE'S APARTMENT IN ONCE UPON A TIME. Can whoever decorated their apartment please come decorate my house? Do ever wish you'll actually win the giveaways people are doing? I kind of wish the set decorator would do a "decorate your house" giveaway... and I kind of wish I could win it. 

4. NEWSIES ON BROADWAY IS ON NETFLIX. I need you to know that your life is about to change!!!! And dare I say it?! I like this version better than the movie.... if only Christian Bale had auditioned... 

5. Marco Polo, find it in the itunes Store. Isn't it just Snap Chat? I've heard it's the new snapchat for adults. You can send videos, they stick around longer than a day, and you can even create groups to send videos in. I've been using it for almost two weeks now and I'm liking it more and more every day. Using it to talk to my family (my bro and his wife in New York and my sis in Amsterdam) would be most likely what I would use it for. Have you tried it yet? 

Date Night | Lubbock Friday Night Art Trail

Is it just me or does the FFAT keep getting better and better? 

It's my favorite night of the month in Lubbock, and I secretly wish it happened every Friday whether or not there's new art for us all to look at. I love gathering with an eclectic group of people from my city to eat, walk around, commune, and celebrate art. 

From left to right, I took a few snaps of some of my favorite things while Brett and I walked around... 

1. Brett. He is probably my MOST favoritest-est-est thing. 

2. HORSY. 

3. Sunsets and motorcycles. 

4. One of the most vibrant murals in Lubbock. 

5. Those buddy holly glasses as clouds! Did you know they're building a Buddy Holly performing arts center? They say it's going to be comparable to the Bass Hall. And all I'm concerned with is what theatrical productions will be there and when. SIGN ME UP. 

6. This rock wall installation. 

7. We love Crave (it's our local dessert shop we try to hit up once or twice a semester--- and when I say local, I mean, they're about ten minutes away from us "on the other side of town" which is "far" in Lubbock--- and far is good because I need all the sugar to be kept at a distance), so we might have visited for some gelato after we walked the art trail. My favorite dessert we've ordered from Crave is either the carrot cake or the fruit filled crepes. Have you been? What dessert of theirs is on your favorite list? 


Touring Lubbock | The University Museum

We ran around Lubbock about a week ago and found ourselves touring our own city at the University Museum.

If you're unfamiliar with Lubbock, TX, it mostly exists because of the University.

It's about 5 hours from any other city in Texas-- except Amarillo, so there's a lot of old school history running through this town and lots of memorials to Buddy Holly and his glasses (he came from Lubbock and Lubbock won't let you forget it). 

Sometimes I can't tell if people in this town like Buddy Holly or his glasses more... 

So, this was one of the most random museums I've ever been in and I loved how unsure it was of what kind of museum it was supposed to be. There were paintings. Dinosaurs. Old cars. And creepy glass encasements of mannequins. Mannequins dressed in period pieces throughout history--- like, something you'd see in Night at the Museum.


My body literally had a super chilled and creeped out reaction to the mannequins, I couldn't even walk down that hallway.  There was also a wolf in a dark roped off corner of the museum that gave me the creepers. Every time I looked at it I swore it moved a little. 


But I can't wait to go back to the University Museum cause weird places like that are too good to enjoy only once. :) 

My Top Pop Culture Obsessions | August

This is my "Some girl in Texas shares her pop culture obsessions" post. 

In the summer, Brett and I typically get out our guitars more. We find ourselves with more time to sit on the porch learning new covers, playing acoustic versions of our favorite songs, messing around with mash-ups, etc. So most of July's pop-culture picks have to do with music. 

And since I've never posted a pop-culture post, THERE AREN'T ANY RULES ABOUT TOO MUCH MUSIC. Bless. 

Here are my top FAVE things I'm overjoyed and OBSESSED with. 

1. Super. Freaking. Fruit. 

I've loved Mitch and Scott since Pentatonix, but I had all the special feels for them when they started doing their side channel, SuperFruit. I'm OBSESSED with all their pop songs turned Broadway and love every time they cover anything Broadway. But their new album, y'all. It meets so many of my pop needs. Every video they've come out with to accompany their songs is a beautiful work of art too-- major bonus. 

Brett and I have been jamming out to Imaginary Parties errrry day in the kitchen. And it's by far my fave video. I love it so much, it's at the bottom of this post in case you need a colorful summer-time pick me up. Check out their new album, Future Friends, on Spotify. 

Also--- there are two parts to their album and they haven't even released the second part yet. YEESH. I'm SO pumped.

2. Retta's Instagram Stories. 

We fell in love with Retta on Parks and Rec (TREAT-YO-SELF.... and then when she came up with her non-profit, "Teach Yo Self", in the final season I bawled my eyes out), but y'all, I've fallen in love with her all over again.... every morning when she makes coffee in her Keurig. Every. Single. Morning. She sings "Good Morning" from Singing in the Rain right before she pops in that k-cup and pours her creamer. 

This is a phenomenon like none other, and I'm not the only one obsessed with watching her every morning. She has a HUGE fan club, dedicated to waking up with her... all of us, drinking our coffee together. 

3. Rachel Lindsay--- #teampeter got destroyed. And I'm THIS close to unfollowing her instagram not because I don't love her (even though I don't get how she didn't ultimately choose peter whether there was a ring involved or not), but because I was #anybodybutbryan 

4. Ashley Tisdale's Music Sessions on Youtube. Am I late to the party on this one? I'll be honest and say that I'm not a huge fan of the ones of just her singing, but I really love when she brings on a celebrity guest to sing covers with her. I linked the one she did with Lea Michelle, and it's ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. #allinthistogether

5. Manchester Orchestra's new album. Brett's already learned a few songs and we're falling in love with all their sweet, sad, sappy, and weird lyrics all over again.