About Jamboree

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Jamboree Services Include:

Professional Wedding Photographer

Custom Wedding Invitations

Handwritten and Framed Wedding Vows

Senior Portraits

Custom Illustrations


Can I book service for both wedding photography and wedding invitations?

Heck yes!

I've been photographing weddings and designing invitations since 2014. I know what it's like to need different vendors for every little detail. But what if I took two of those things off your list? What if your invitations and your photography could aesthetically coincide because you've trusted the same person to service all of it?

That's what I call a Double Whammy client! And Double Whammy clients are my absolute favorite. 

Jamboree services are truly meant for couples preparing to head down the aisle in need of both a photographer and designer. From every Photo you need to all the invitations, save the dates, wedding website designs, and hand-written place settings.

Let's be real, you've probably got a budget. I know I did. It's alright if you just want one of these services, but it's amazing what we can do when we creatively weave one theme throughout your wedding invitations AND photographs.