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Romantic PHotography and Custom Vow Calligraphy

No moment escapes my lens, no bride escapes my hugs.


Jamboree provides Creative Visuals to help marriages stand the test of time.

Romantic and candid wedding photography to remember every sacred moment and word promised.

Hand-Written and Framed Vows from your wedding day, because weddings are one day, and vows are a lifetime.

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Engagements, Bridals, Weddings


Frame your Vows, Keep Your Vows

Hand-Written Vows



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Hiyaaa, I'm Stacie,

The creative hands and soul behind Jamboree. I drink Nespresso like George Clooney and play guitar on my front porch with all my feels. You bring the event, and I bring the creative pizazz. Pizzaz, not pizza. Maybe both.



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